is located at MONDHALE Village, BHUSAVAL tahasil, JALGAON District, MAHARASTRA state in INDIA.

KHANDESH GOAT FARM is one of the finest Stall Fed Goat Farm in India, spread over TEN acres, landscaped to provide the necessary facilities to the goats. All the Goats are raised and nourished in stalls with best fodder and care. The important reason to raise the goats in stall is QUALITY. Health and growth of each and every goat is monitored on daily basis, providing proper vaccination and medicine to prevent from known diseases. There is vast demand for Indian Goats overseas as well, Indian Goats are preferred over other regions due to the fact of their natural growth and quality of meat. We are the leading Live Goat suppliers in JALGAON DISTRICS and all over MAHARASTRA STATE and all parts of INDIA.

Stall fed goats are preferred for many reasons, these goats are raised and nourished in clean and neat sheds, providing best health and food for the goats.The stall fed system is advantageous for both the farmer and the consumer, while the farmer benefit from control over each and every goat, their fast growth, better control over diseases and better utilization of manure, the consumer gets the QUALITY product. In today's world QUALITY is something which every supplier would like to offer and every consumer would like to receive.


If you are a goat farmer or are interested in becoming a goat farmer, to raise goats for meat, KHANDESH GOAT FARM can help you to achieve greater profits. KHANDESH GOAT FARM will provide you with top quality Goats for flock improvement and will also provide you with advice and services to enable you to manage your goat farm with greater efficiency.

Best goats of best breeds specially domesticated and maintained lovably for the festival of sacrifices and devotion to Allah on Bakra Eid. The rates are set on per/Kg basis to avoid a hassle free and no bargain deal. To offer a Qurbani for every one we have a wide selection ranging from 35kgs to over 100kgs goats.


Goat Farming is a billion dollar industry in India and

provides livelihood for millions of farmers.




Sojat breed

Sojat breed is cross of Jamunapari


Sirohi breed

Compact medium-sized animals.


Boer goat

The Boer goat is a breed of goat that was developed in South Africa


Osmanabadi goats

These goats are widely distributed in osmanabad,latur and nearby small town places.