Beetal Goats

The Beetal Breed of goat is also considered as the very profitable breed to raise in the commercial goat farm. This breed has very good milk yielding capability after Jamunapari. The Beetal goat is the large animal and considered as the dairy goat breed. Their skin are of very good quality for making leather goods which has demand in the market. It is found in brown or black with various round white spot in the body. Though the majority of Beetal goats are black in color among them the brown Beetal percentage is less as compare to the black beetal. Its a true resemblance of the Jamunapari goat with convex face and Roman nose. They too have drooping ears which is long and flat both male and female have thick horn of medium size. Produce a pair of kids per year. Beetal goats are also very popular and famous for their meat productions. Female goats has long teats which are well developed with their udder.Female goat produce kids for the first time at the age of 20-22 months of age. Adult male goat weights about 65 kg and female goats weights about 45 kg. Their horns are curved to backward. Both male and female goat has a pair of horns. Their spiraled horns are long in male but shorter in female.

Beetal Goat

Goat Farming is a billion dollar industry in India and

provides livelihood for millions of farmers.




Sojat breed

Sojat breed is cross of Jamunapari


Sirohi breed

Compact medium-sized animals.


Boer goat

The Boer goat is a breed of goat that was developed in South Africa


Osmanabadi goats

These goats are widely distributed in osmanabad,latur and nearby small town places.